Have You Ever?

Went to sleep hungry because all of the dining options were closed on campus?

Missed a class because you had to wait in line for food for 30 minutes?

Wondered where to order food from?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're in the right place


Listen, we were students once too! We understand the part of college that no one likes to discuss: the food struggle. The hassle of waiting on long lines and missing class, or even a ride to your apartment. Not knowing about all of your local restaurant options, leaving you forced to stick with the same 3 restaurants? How about not having your own kitchen? Which means cooking your own food is NOT even an option. That's why we created ZOOMBEETO. ZOOMBEETO is the perfect food ordering app for students! It gives you access to local restaurants near campus, allowing you to eat WHAT YOU want, WHEN YOU want. Just simply: download our app, create a buzz, and sign up by your school!

Love what we offer our users, but you don't live on campus? What if you're not a student and want to try ZOOMBEETO? No problem! Just sign up using our off-campus option, turn your location on and see what restaurants are in your area. Now, give in to your inner foodie and place that order!

Step out of your comfort zone and order from local restaurants around your campus.

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